Battle for Ukraine, Through the Eyes of French Editorial Cartoonists

We can argue about whether editorial cartoons make us laugh or cry, but the best among them should make us think. Here are some of my favorites from France which take aim at Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine and the West’s counter-reaction.

Attention by Gorce
“Attennnnntion: I have nuclear arms and I’m a black belt in judo.”—Xavier Gorce, 3-4-2022
Putin's wish for refugees by Kroll
Soon, A Million Refugees
“I hope they’ll be treated poorly everywhere” “Make him be wrong”—Kroll, 3-4-2022
Operating Instructions by URBS
Operating Instructions for Weapons Sent to Ukraine
“Can not be utilized by a European”—URBS, 3-4-2022
Putin's table by Chappatte
“I’d be satisfied with a bit longer table”—Chappatte. 3-5-2022
Putin Under Control by Chanu
“I’ve got the situation well under control!”—Chanu, 3-5-2022
Macron on hold by Cambon
Macron Puts In Long Hours with Putin on the Telephone
“Your party will be with you shortly. Please hold.”—Cambon, 3-8-2022
Russian missile by Lara
A Russian Missile Could Reach France in 15 Minutes
“Oh well… A final drink” Tapatatap “We’ll start by scanning your vaccination pass”—Lara, 3-11-2022
The Zelinsky Look by Barte
The Zelinsky Look: Macron, unshaven commander in chief, poses at his desk in a military hoodie.
“Ahh, Zelensky my old war chap! We will have sweated, you and I, throughout this war! I can’t take it anymore! Believe me, you old rascal! You’re better off under the bombs than here! Only this morning at breakfast, we were out of Nutrigrain bars, I had to eat Fig Newtons! Fig Newtons, shit! Very ugly, this war!”—Allan Barte, 3-15-2022
Macron in Hoodie
Macron entering his office at the Élysée Palace, 03-15-2022
Horrors of War by Chappatte
Horrors of War
“Look over there! An American chemical weapons lab!”—Chappatte, 3-16-2022
Facebook status by Lara
Facebook and Instagram Blocked in Russia
“My wife changed her Facebook status!! “Occupied””—Lara, 3-16-2022
Self-defense by Gorce
“It’s self-defense: democracy is crashing down on us!”—Xavier Gorce, 3-17-2-22

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  1. And yes another genocide in Europe and we all watching on TV!!! The world never learned of these lunatics.

  2. It’s time for the mothers of Russia to step in! They’re a force to contend with.

  3. I wish more people would learn from history. War never ends well for anyone really. It’s always the innocent that are harmed most.

    • I agree Pooja. Unfortunately, such circumstances seems to start with strong men gaining power and people tolerating their lesser crimes for years, fueling their maniacal egos. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. These are great. I’ve seen other good ones on twitter. Every nation is getting into the act!

    • It’s heartening to see so many people doing what they can to support the Ukrainians. I hope such efforts increase the pressure on politicians and others in a position to move mountains, to do the same.

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