France’s Year of the Olympics? Or of Political Pandemonium?

Paths to victory, by Truant

Sick of American politics? Check out the chaos in France. In the immediate wake of crushing losses for his centrist party during June’s European Parliamentary elections, President Emmanuel Macron went rogue by dissolving the Assemblée nationale (the equivalent of our House of Representatives) and calling for a snap election. Macron’s…

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The Stunning Beauty of Utah and Reimagining our National Parks

Sunset at Strawberry Point

I’m writing this post from the deck of a cedar A-frame, 8400 feet above sea level. My kids and husband Andy, are here with me in southern Utah. I’ll characterize our location as the middle of nowhere, roughly equal distance to Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks. We’ve been doing…

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Lampooning the Olympics, French Cartoonists Win Gold

Focus Image Olympics Games, by Mutio

As France prepares to welcome athletes and tourists from around the world, many French people are hanging onto their hats. While thousands have benevolently volunteered to help out, opportunists abound, exploring every angle to advance their personal gain. It’s been 100 years since the games last took place in Paris…

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Victor Hugo’s Last Letter to His Favorite Child, Léopoldine

Léopoldine focus image

If you’ve ever taken a course in French literature, whether taught in English or French, you may well have read one of Victor Hugo’s most famous poems, Demain dès l’aube. The poem first appeared in 1856—one of seventeen compositions that Hugo dedicated to his daughter, Léopoldine, who drowned in a…

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The Surprising Resurrection of a Remarkable Michigan Alumna

Alice Freeman Palmer

Like most graduates of the University of Michigan, I’m well aware of certain remarkable people who have attended my alma mater. Stories and sightings of celebrities like Madonna, Tom Brady, Arthur Miller, Gerald Ford, and James Earl Jones reside in the communal knowledge space of Michigan alumni. Then there are…

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