Year-End Humor from France, Ring Out 2021 with a Laugh

As we ring in 2022, here are holiday gags from some of my favorite French cartoonists, along with English translations. I’ve also included a charming little video for those of you who do or do not speak French.

Sapin au travail, Deligne
“You didn’t land a Christmas tree gig did you?” “Yes, but I work from home!”—by Deligne
Télétravail, Sanaga
Telecommuting Increased: Bosses are worried, “Who will we monitor now?”—by Sanaga
Santa on strike, Alex
Santa on Strike, “Too much ambient bullshit, I don’t want to get infected! Deal with it and Merry Christmas!”—by Alex
Hyper cautious Christmas, Urbs
Hyper-cautious Christmas, “My husband is eating in the kitchen” “Because of COVID?” “No. He doesn’t like you”—by Urbs
Magic of Christmas, Jolk
The Magic of Christmas—by Jolk
Next, Chaunu
“Next!”—by Chaunu
Vaccination Santa, Goubelle
Vaccination for 5 – 11-year olds, “Go for it, I’ve got him!”—by Goubelle
Santa therapy, Rodho
“Apparently, I don’t exist!”—by Rodho
Underpaid deliverymen, Faro
Delivery people are underpaid for the work performed. “Are you the guy who ordered a freezer?”—by Faro
Believe in vaccines, Chappatte
“Do you believe in Vaccines?” “Let’s talk instead about Santa Claus.”—by Chappatte
Tribute of the nation, Plantu
Tribute of the nation—by Plantu
Health protocol,
Stepped up health protocols at the movies…—by Mutio, c/o
No eating or drinking, Aurel
NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE BARS WHILE STANDING, “Stop screwing around René and get down from there!”—by Aurel
Tender Year's End, Fey
A loving and lovely year’s end to all—by Fey

Thank you to everyone who’s read or commented on my blog in the last year. I wish you all a happy and healthy 2022!

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  1. Nice jokes “pour finir l’année en beauté” ! Merci, and I didn’t know Chanson profonde. So hilarious, am going to share it with my French students!
    Bonne année et bonne santé à toi et ta famille.
    Thanks for all your enriching posts

  2. Thank you for translating these! I love seeing how political humor works in other languages and cultures. So fascinating!

  3. Thanks for the laughs! And for all the great articles this past year.

  4. Well, I’ve now picked up the word connerie, which, oddly enough, isn’t in my dictionary. I suppose it should be used with caution anyway.

    The Chanson profonde is a funny idea. Those who claim to know a different language out of pretentiousness, but really don’t, are easily exposed!

    Apparently the French see bosses the same way we do?

    All Christmas trees should be allowed to work from home. We wouldn’t even need to cut them down.

    Thanks for all your posts! Your blog is definitely one of the most interesting finds I’ve made in a long time.

    • The French have turned swearing into a linguistic art form. Their variations on the words “con” and “merde” are to be applauded.

      When you want to look up a French word, I highly recommend It is an incredible resource. In addition to presenting a thorough dictionary, most pages end with links into a forum where specific usage examples are discussed. Just a great site.

      Good point about the Christmas trees. It reminds me of a Jack Handy quote: “If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.”

      I must admit to enjoying decorating a Christmas tree every year in my home. You and Andy have a lot in common.

      You are welcome for the posts. Thanks for your excellent comments Infidel, which frequently cause me to think more deeply about the subject at hand and Happy 2022!

  5. Thank you for the laughs. (I needed that…)

  6. I’m not sure if political humor reins in narcissistic leaders (that would be a heavy lift), but it does help the rest of us maintain our balance.

    Several of these cartoons underscore how much we humans share. I’m wondering if there are any international collections of the year’s best political cartoons. If there aren’t, there should be.

    We’ll done, Carol. Looking forward to 2022.

  7. Carol, I just tried to leave a message, but it isn’t appearing. Can you check your spam folder?

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