A Magnificent Stroll in the Parc Floral de Paris

I’ve finally made it back to France! Won’t have much time to blog but hope you enjoy these pictures from a recent visit to the Parc Floral de Paris.

Ever visited? Let me know in the comments. Never been? It’s worth the trip and entry is only 2.50 euros (roughly $2.60). À bientôt!

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  1. Denise McCauley

    I love the Parc Floral! It’s beautiful any time of year.

    • I believe it Denise. I arrived after the rhododendrons, azelias, and magnolias and before the summer flowers. Many beds were empty awaiting planting. Yet there was still much to enjoy.

  2. Trés joli. Ça fait des siécles que je n’ai pas été à Vincennes.
    (Are you reading Le grand Meaulnes??? On Emma’s group on Discord?)

    • Vincennes is a great place to stay. This is my second time making it my home base while visiting Paris. Beautiful area with a more relaxed atmosphere. Restaurants and traiteurs moins cher aussi. I timed the trip from inside my AirBNB to up on the street outside Les Halles via RER A. 17 minutes.

      Oui c’est moi qui lis le Grand Meaulnes avec Emma.

      • So you’re like in Saint-Mandé? Not a bad idea. Though I’m more 17e and Quartier Latin…
        Haha! Le grand Meaulnes. Je pensais bien reconnaître “CASeidl.” (I’m a bit erratic on this group. I¡ll try to catch up ce week-end.) Entre nous, je n’aime/aimais pas beaucoup le Grand Meaulnes. Emma m’a un peu forcé la. main. Mais cette relecture ne me déplaît pas…
        Enjoy Paris “Carole” Biz. A+

        • J’aime le livre. Ça contraste bien avec Réparer les vivants, ce que je suis aussi en train de lire.

          • Just looked it up. I wouldn’t read it. Too close to home. So you read several books at a time? I’m not the only one then. (reading three right now… LOL) PS. Je vais probablement finir Meaulnes bientôt, car je pars à Paris bientôt… And I can’t really blog while travelling… Bon séjour. Tout se passe bien? A+

          • Yes, Réparer les vivants came highly recommended but the subject is difficult for any parent and in your case especially. I can’t say I’m enjoying it but the writing style is worthy of consideration.

            Enjoy your summer. Tu arrives à Paris juste au moment de mon départ.

          • Ben oui. On va se croiser… Ce sera pour une autre fois. Enjoy every minute till the last.

        • Tiens tiens on apprend des choses, lol

          • J’ai un parcours un peu particulier…
            Je te recommande Snowball. (Même si on ne doit pas faire de la “pub” sur un autre blog. Pardon “Carole”.)

  3. Thanks for sharing some of the beautiful things you’re seeing – So glad you’ve made it back!!

  4. So beautiful, thanks for sharing

  5. Gorgeous! I’ve never heard of this place, looks like an absolutely lovely place to spend an afternoon. How are you enjoying the trip? Thrilled you were able to make it back and hope it’s been a lovely time!

  6. Lovely pictures, I never encountered this place on previous visits to Paris, but I will look for it in future (if I ever get back there). Are you still reading Le Grand Meaulnes? I am quite proud of myself that I have kept up my chapter a day goal more or less. I should post more comments on Discord but I’ve been traveling and it’s difficult on my phone. I’ll try to do more now that I’m home.

    • I am still reading GM. I switched books when I was in Marseille and now have some catching up to do. I’ve not had time to posts comments on Discord. Summer is always a very busy time of year.

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