Wandering in a Desert World

Last week, my husband Andy and I took a break from Michigan’s winter winds and headed to warmer climes. Below are some pictures from a desert hike. Perhaps you recognize the location or maybe the shots remind you of somewhere else you’ve visited. Let me know in the comments below.

Vertical Gallery

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  1. Wow, lovely! I can’t wait for hiking days

  2. Nice shots! Love that deep blue sky – I think I can feel some of the warmth coming off the rock….

  3. Wonderful photos, Carol. The starkness and undulance of the rocks are compelling. Were you in Sonoma?

    Glad you had a respite from wintry winds; their harshness seems to be escalating!

  4. Know it well. Beautifully captured!

  5. Terrific photos of Joshua Tree, Carol. We could’ve crossed paths- just posted about it. Glad you made it to this unusual and photogenic park.

  6. Reminds me of Star Trek and the Invaders…

  7. I lived in El Paso for a few years. The desert was unexpectedly beautiful… especially in the early morning when plants were absorbing the dew…

    • “Unexpectedly beautiful” is a great way of describing my own impression of desert landscapes when I first encountered them. In the desert I think that I pay more attention to small details. I observe nature differently and find that there’s surprisingly a lot to take note of. Can’t say that I’ve witnessed desert dew, however. Must be lovely. Thanks for your comment masercot.

  8. I’m a native Californian but it took me 67 years to get there. And worth it. Thanks for these lovely reminders of my hikes there last year.

    • Cool! Well, California is bigger than most countries so I suspect that most of its residents would be unable to identify these pictures. Thanks for mentioning that you were there only a year ago. In the grand scheme of time, nearly simultaneous with my own visit.

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