Well Worn Through

Facebook says you’re gone,
Like the many maddening horrors
     that mark the daily news,
It can’t be true.

Weren’t we just kids?
You, pirouetting
     beneath a falling baton,
Me, drawing glances
     with a waving flag.

In the crowded hallways
     you caught my eye.
Like a favorite sweater,
     you slipped over my soul.

Were we rebels?
     I thought we were.
Questioning the status quo while
     following almost all of the rules.

That smile of yours,
    that tsk,
          those fluttering eyelids.
Lethal weapons of your cashmere charm.

You could do anything
     and seemingly without compromise.
One to set her own path
          convention be damned.

I’ll miss you,
     will never forget our adolescent grievances,
Melting into knowing smirks,
     rolling eyeballs,
          relinquishing laughter.

The world is a sobering place,
But you weren’t one to turn your back on it.

A creator at heart,
You knew how to find beauty.
In art
     In nature
          In humans
               In home.

     Did you know how much I admired you?
Wish we’d done more together.
Time wasn’t supposed to end.

My favorite sweaters are full of holes.
Worn through by years of
     Love and
I’ll not part with them.
And I will forever hold your memory in the topmost drawer
     Of my tear-stained heart.

May you rest in glorious
                                   Roof-raising peace.

Theresa Ann Heurtebise, May 23, 1960 to October 31, 2023.

About Carol A. Seidl

Serial software entrepreneur, writer, translator, and mother of 3. Avid follower of French media, culture, history, and language. Lover of books, travel, history, art, cooking, fitness, and nature. Cultivating connections with francophiles and francophones.


  1. Oh, Carol, so very sorry to hear of the loss of your childhood friend—far too young. You have lovingly and poignantly given us so much of your relationship, which captured a similar time and scenario in my own life.

  2. So sorry you lost you beautiful friend Carol. What a lovely, loving tribute. Losses mount but the spirit remains intact, in place, and forever resident in our hearts. – David

  3. What a lovely and moving tribute. The price of a long life is sad good byes, but we do get to keep all those glorious memories. My condolences.

  4. Oh. Je suis vraiment, vraiment désolé, navré. Des mots et des photos charmantes pour une amie clairement charmante…
    1960-2023, c’est bien jeune pour partir.
    Ever so sorry my dear Carol

  5. A profound and heartfelt tribute. The death of a close one cuts so deep. I am sorry to learn you’ve suffered this loss.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to honor your friend. In it I feel the grief, but it’s the beauty of your friendship that shines through.
    So very sorry, condolences to you.

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