Fantastic French Gags, Guffaws, and Grimaces from 2022

This week I thought I’d share a bit of French fun and political humor to wind down the year.

Melon meme
When you’re looking for the best melon at the supermarket.
Therapy confession gag
“I haven’t told you everything doctor…”
“I know! I could tell from Facebook!”
Killer cat meme
The last thing a Christmas ornament sees before dying.
Quote of the Day
Quote of the Day:
When I’m missing my friends, I do as with shallots and stir them up with a bit of white wine.
Crypto comic by Gorce
“I converted my money into crypto-currency…”
“to buy digital works of art certified by NFTs..”
“that will decorate my 3D villa on a virtual oceanfront of the metaverse.”
“No risk of cyber-tsunami?”
Lecter immunization meme
If you eat vaccinated people, are you immunized? Asking for a friend…
Say it with flowers by Geluck
Say it with flowers…
“Good Riddance”
Trump's red wave by Chappatte
“The Republican red wave! I see it!”
“That’s your hat boss…”
Qatar AC problem
They turned up the AC a little too much in Qatar!
Birdsong gag
“Great… Now I’m going to have that friggin’ song in my head for the rest of the day!”
Doorbell substitute meme
We don’t have a doorbell but if you press here, we’ll hear you.
Soccer pain gag
Soccer player.
Iranian drones by Coco
I don’t see what makes you say I’m using Iranian Kamikaze drones!
January 6 by Plantu
January 6 by Plantu
Pope revival gag
The Pope’s health suddenly improves.

Switch to standard time meme
Switch to standard time:
3% sleep an extra hour.
97% lose that hour trying to reset the oven clock…
Making work interesting meme
Whatever your work, always try to make it more interesting…
Musk allows Trump on Twitter

Artistic woes comic
“… I’m an artist…
“…Alas, misunderstood…”
“…A beer please…”
Clowns and leaders meme
Professional Career Change
Everyone has a right to a second chance.
Tom Hanks by Gorce
“Tom Hanks declared that he’ll no longer take homosexual roles since he himself is heterosexual.”
“That’s a good start.”
“He’ll be perfectly above reproach when he no longer plays anyone other than Tom Hanks.”
Belgian archeologists meme
Belgian archeologists discover the tomb of Tutankanister…
Snowmen in Qatar by Deligne
“Where are you going this summer?”
“To Qatar! They have wide-open spaces that are air-conditioned there.”
Ukraine Christmas
Amidst the cheer, let’s not forget…

And for all those who have taken the time to read one of my posts this year…

Message to readers by Geluck
Wherever you may be, you’re right here.

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  1. Thanks, so so good! Joyeux Noël !

  2. Merci pour le rirw. JOyeux Noël…

  3. How?

  4. Do they do that clock-change thing in France too? I thought it was just us. My oven doesn’t have a clock (well, the microwave does, but I never bothered setting it in the first place), but for those like the car clock where it’s too much trouble, for the relevant period I just remember that it’s one hour off.

    By the Tom Hanks logic, Peter O’Toole couldn’t have played Lawrence of Arabia. What a loss that would have been.

    Meat-eaters claim the antibodies in milk benefit people (they don’t, but that’s because humans and cows mostly don’t suffer from the same diseases), so Lecter’s question is a legitimate one.

    By all means, remember the plight of the Ukrainians. And in the US, spare a thought for our own railway workers too, forced to work dangerously exhausting schedules with (still) no paid sick time, robbed by Congress of their right to strike to improve their situation, working to deliver all the stuff in stores for oblivious hordes to fight over.

    Any who haven’t been reading your posts this year — it’s their loss.

    • I’m not surprised to learn that you are able to keep track of the time when your car’s clock is off by an hour, Infidel.

      Love Lawrence of Arabia. Have you also read the book? I’ve wanted to.

      Thanks for all the insightful comments you’ve left here. You’ve added an interesting perspective to nearly everything I’ve posted.❤️

      • I’m sure I’ve read Seven Pillars of Wisdom, but it must have been decades ago, maybe back in university days. Lawrence was something of a storyteller, and many suspect he embellished some details, concealed others. Given the times and circumstances, one can’t blame him. It’s just as well he never saw how places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have turned out. He might well conclude Arabia would have been better off with the Turks after all.

        Thank you for the kind words — I look forward to another year of thought-provoking posts.

  5. Merry Christmas, Carol. I hope Santa is good to you. Best wishes for you and your family.

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